Membership Dues period and Fees structure.
It is recognized that each active member shall pay dues to support this organization. The amount of dues to be paid by each member shall be fixed. The roster of members reflecting amount of dues paid by each shall be available for inspection by any member in good standing. There shall be three classes of membership as follows:
(1) A corporate membership which may be held by any business establishment. Membership fee - $75 (seventy five) 
(2) A commercial membership which may be held by any person who is self-employed or is employed by any firm or corporation engaged in business in the United States. Membership fee - $50 (fifty). 
(3) A non-for-profit membership for any entity defined as "non-for-profit" under the US IRS Code. Membership fee - $50 (fifty).
The Board of Directors is allowed to designate subclasses within the commercial membership class based on the reported financial cash flow or years in business for an entity. There shall be no discrimination of members based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion or disability.
The dues payment schedule is to be established by the Board of Directors of the Chamber. Dues are to be paid semiannually.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for billing.  Dues shall not be refundable.